The Beach is That Way…

View from under the umbrella

This past weekend, Baby D went to the beach for the first time! My sister and brother-in-law came into town to meet Baby D for the first time and we decided to head to the beach.  Now, before anyone gets their pants in a wad for us taking an almost 2 month old to the beach, let me clarify that this was not a blazing hot Miami beach and we didn’t have Baby D in a speedo diaper.  This was a beach on Lake Michigan and it was in the balmy 70s with a pretty substantial breeze.  So, Baby D wasn’t going to get overheated.  Actually, it was quite the opposite.  We purposely decided to go to the beach on a day when it was cooler.  And, we brought an umbrella for shade.  Baby D ended up wearing terrycloth feet-in pajamas because it was a bit cool in the shade of the umbrella with the breeze.

In preparing for the beach day, it became apparent (again) that traveling with a baby is never a light-packing endeavor.  For Baby D, we packed up a huge umbrella, his car seat (well, technically that would have been coming anyways), his diaper bag with clothes for varying temperatures (everything from a sleeveless onesie to terrycloth pjs), blankets, a drape to put over the car seat to shield from blowing sand and his food source (his mumma).  In contrast, the hubs brought a towel.

But, we all had a great time at the beach.  Baby D slept most of the time in his car seat, under the umbrella, but he did wake up a few times to look out at the sand.  We even took him down to the water for a view, but the water was too cold to dip his little toes.  Some other time!

FYI:  Technically, the AAP recommends that babies stay out of direct sunlight for the first 6 months (hence the umbrella) and they should only wear sunscreen in those first 6 months if they absolutely cannot avoid being in direct sunlight.  And if that is the case, they still shouldn’t be out that long.  And if they have to wear sunscreen, it should only be a small amount.  I personally feel that, if they do wear sunscreen, it should be washed off once they come in from the sun.  But, isn’t it just easier to haul a huge umbrella around? 😉

And the person in the picture may possibly be the Hubs, although I will not confirm nor deny.


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