The land of silver needles

Baby D had his two month doctor appointment two days ago. He is not quite 2 months yet, but close enough for government work. I was actually working with the residents in clinic, so the hubs brought Baby D to see my partner and I snuck in between patients.

The good news is that Baby D is growing like a weed! He is now 11 pounds 2 ounces! And, he is doing everything we would expect him to do at this age…eat, sleep, pee, poop, smile at us, follow us with his eyes, coo, all that fun stuff. His baby acne is much improved and his cradle cap is completely gone. He passed his exam with flying colors.

The bad news was that he needed to get his 2 month immunizations. As a pediatrician, I have ordered those vaccines for many, many two month olds and never batted an eye. I have counseled parents on the potential of a fussy baby, and the possibility of a fever. Then, I have walked out of the room and allowed the nurse to be the bad guy 🙂

Well, during this visit, I was not the one ordering the vaccines. I was the one waiting in the room, with the hubs and a wide-eyed, smiling little two month old who had no idea what was coming his way. His only annoyance was that he was getting hungry, his milk source was sitting next to him, yet he was not eating. Oh dear.

Two nurses came in to give him the shots simultaneously, because he needed three shots and one oral vaccine (the rota vaccine). The rota vaccine came first and he actually did really well. You could tell that he was not a fan of the taste, but he only spit out a little bit. I would say he got about 90% of the vaccine and that is pretty darn good. Then, came the hard part. They laid him on the table and the hubs and I were by his head. I held his little hands and kept his pacifier in place and the hubs rubbed his head. The shots went in and for a second he just looked at us kind of shocked. Then, he started crying his “what the hell, help me mommy and daddy” scream. As soon as they got the band-aids on him (all blue, how appropriate for our little guy) I scooped him up into my arms. Within 30 seconds, maybe even less, the crying stopped. He did a great job. We then took him to my office where I finally let him have his milk.

That evening, he was a bit fussier than usual and I was worried that he may not sleep. I sent the hubs out to the store to get some Tylenol because, being the rock star mother/doctor I am, all I had in the house was children’s Motrin (which shouldn’t be used until at least 6 months old). By the time he got back, I had managed to swaddle Baby D into a little burrito and he was sleeping in his crib. I kept my fingers crossed that he would stay asleep. And, miraculously, he slept really well that night, waking at his normal times. It was beautiful!

Yesterday, the hubs said he was a sleep-a-holic. He slept from 11am-4:30pm. I was worried that would mean that he would be a party animal last night but it most definitely did not. We put his to bed around nine at night and he slept all the way until five in the morning. Holy cow! He is my new favorite baby :). I am hoping this is the beginning of a new era and not a post-vaccine fluke. Only time will tell…


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