Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Rolling with the Pumpkins

It is fall…the leaves are changing color, the air is getting brisk, the cider mills are bustling and Baby D is rolling!  Yup, we have a mover and a shaker, folks.  Baby D has officially rolled over, and now he does it all the time (when he feels like it).  It is only a matter …

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You want me to pump where?

While I was at my conference in DC, I realized how spoiled I am when I have to pump at work. When I am at work, I can pretty much pump whenever I need to.  My co-workers are great and very understanding of the demands to exclusively breast feed a baby while working full time.  …

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Baby’s first Road Trip

This past week, the Hubs, Baby D and I went on our first real family road trip! Oh heard it right…we went on a road trip with a 3.5 month old.  We like to live dangerously 🙂 Actually, I had the opportunity to go to a conference in Washington DC for work, but I …

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