Monthly Archives: April, 2014

Prenatal exercises

22 weeks and all is well, except that I am starting to have the creaky pregnant back again.  I think it is Snoogle time again!  I would actually break the little guy out tonight, but he is currently residing in Lil C’s closet (along with my wedding dress and wedding bouquet…not quite sure what I …

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Think Pink!

Well folks, this is a 21 week bump picture.  This is a 21 week bump picture of a little GIRL!!  Yes, you heard me right…the D family is adding a little girl to the mix!  Just when we started to get the whole little boy thing down…the world decides to throw us a curve ball! …

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Halfway Updates

Wow this little blog is neglected! I guess a very active toddler and a growing baby bump will do that. Let’s just do some updates, shall we? On the bump front, I am now 20 weeks along…half way! The biscuit is now the size of a “small cantaloupe” according to the pregnancy app on my …

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