Monthly Archives: May, 2014

Third Trimester- Boot Camp Edition

Twenty-seven weeks today…third trimester, hello again. In preparation for this birth, I have decided to…well…prepare.  With Lil C’s birth, I pretty much decided to “wing it”.  I felt like I had been to a gazillion deliveries during my medical training and I was little cocky in thinking “I got this”.  Well…I didn’t.  And I ended …

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fantastic Mummas out there! For Mother’s Day, I was spoiled.  I had a homemade oatmeal pancake breakfast made for me (and the Hubs makes THE BEST oatmeal pancakes), then I got to hang out with my boys all day and then the Hubs brought home an amazing steak dinner …

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Where is that pause button?

When you become a parent you undoubtedly hear the phrase “Enjoy it because it goes by too fast!” And in those first few sleep-deprived months, you smile and nod but you can’t really imagine that this pure exhaustion will pass by quickly.  And then, it sorta just does.  It starts to fly by…and you want …

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