3 Year Old’s First Movie: Inside Out

Last week we took Lil C to his very first movie at the movie theater! We went to see Inside Out…what a great movie.

When I saw the trailer for the movie, I knew I wanted it to be Lil C’s first movie. A few things about this movie made it the perfect “first”:

1. The reviews were great. Not that I use movie critiques for anything of importance, but it did seem to be universally liked.

2. It didn’t seem like it would annoy me. The trailer was actually hilarious.

3. I liked that it tried to explain what feelings are and why they are important. Toddlers/preschoolers have LOTS of feelings and emotions rattling around their little heads and I thought it may be a good way to help explain these feelings to Lil C.

4. The Hubs agreed to see it. And he is SUPER picky when it comes to movies.

So, we picked my last day of vacation to take a family trip to the movies. Yes, you read that correctly…all four of us went to a matinee performance…even eleven month old Baby L. We knew we were playing guts football, but both of us really wanted to be present for his first movie and weren’t willing to spring for a babysitter for Baby L to make that happen.

So, Baby L made it about ten minutes into the movie before she was over it. She didn’t meltdown, but she did make it known that she would rather be crawling around the nasty theater floor rather than watch a movie. So, the Hubs and Baby L went to the park while Lil C and I finished the movie. Not ideal, but we knew this was a possibility.

Lil C did a fantastic job at the theater. I am not sure which excited him more: the movie or the popcorn. But, nonetheless, he had a great time. 

And, I will say that I absolutely LOVED the movie. I actually want to watch this movie when it comes out on video so that I can watch without toddler interruptions and sob my eyes out in the privacy of my own living room (yes..the “feels” in this movie are extreme). 

I would wholeheartedly recommend this movie to anyone. Just don’t wear non-waterproof mascara to the movie theater. Trust me.


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