Birthday rosette cake…rookie style 

Baby L turns one tomorrow…so Lil C and I decided to make some mini cakes for the occasion!

The top two are my attempts at a “rosette cake”. The youtube and Pinterest gurus claimed that it was a “very easy” way to decorate a cake. As you can see from my rookie attempt…those Pinterest and youtube girls are LIARS. 

But…Lil C’s cake turned out fantastic. He ate more sprinkles than he used on the cake, but he had a great time. And he is so proud of his little cake. He even had me add two little “swirlies” to his cake to add some extra pizzazz. 

Tomorrow, we will feast on mini cakes!


The first year of lasts

In one week, our baby girl, our youngest child will be a year old. A year of sleepless nights, fussy evenings, nursing frustrations and sibling rivelry. A year of perfect smiles, snuggly cuddles, exciting milestones and unforgettable giggles. It seems like our Miss Sass just came into our lives, but at the same time it seems like she has always been around. Our family was clearly not complete without her. She rounds out our team.

This one year milestone is somewhat bittersweet for me. On one hand, this year represents parental triumph. The Hubs and I can pat ourselves on the back..because we all survived. Because the first year of a child’s life is no-joke-tough. Mix in a “spirited” personality and a transitioning older sibling and you have quite the exciting (read challenging) combination. And we made it work. I hope to never have to wake up in two hour increments ever again! High-five, Hubs!

On the other hand, this is a bit of sad closure. Many of Baby L’s “firsts” were also our parental “lasts”. The bouncer and swing are packed away, awaiting a future mom-to-mom sale. The vast array of nursing supplies are being packed away for my sister. Size 1 diapers will never be used in this house again (except maybe on baby dolls). And my boppy pillow is now a toy for the kids.

Overall, it has been an amazing year. I can’t wait to see what the next one will bring.

Broken bone waiting to happen 

Can I start a payment plan to the ER now?



Doctor Tip/Mumma Tip

Pediatrician Tip:

Many of you may know that breastfed babies need to be supplemented with Vitamin D, but did you know that some formula fed babies need Vitamin D supplementation too? The AAP recommends that ALL breastfed babies and formula fed babies that consume less than 1 Liter of formula per day should be receiving 400 IU of Vitamin D per day. 

Mumma Tip:

Many of you may also know that most baby vitamin drops taste DISGUSTING!  If you don’t know, try a taste of Poly-Vi-Sol…yuck! The yucky taste often deters parents from giving their babies the recommended Vitamin D dosage. But, there is hope! The Hubs and I gave both of our little ones a tastier option:

These vitamin drops have a yummy citrus flavor and you only need two drops to get the recommended 400 IU of Vitamin D into your baby. I found these drops on Amazon. (I have no financial ties to this brand of vitamins…just a fan!)

3 Year Old’s First Movie: Inside Out

Last week we took Lil C to his very first movie at the movie theater! We went to see Inside Out…what a great movie.

When I saw the trailer for the movie, I knew I wanted it to be Lil C’s first movie. A few things about this movie made it the perfect “first”:

1. The reviews were great. Not that I use movie critiques for anything of importance, but it did seem to be universally liked.

2. It didn’t seem like it would annoy me. The trailer was actually hilarious.

3. I liked that it tried to explain what feelings are and why they are important. Toddlers/preschoolers have LOTS of feelings and emotions rattling around their little heads and I thought it may be a good way to help explain these feelings to Lil C.

4. The Hubs agreed to see it. And he is SUPER picky when it comes to movies.

So, we picked my last day of vacation to take a family trip to the movies. Yes, you read that correctly…all four of us went to a matinee performance…even eleven month old Baby L. We knew we were playing guts football, but both of us really wanted to be present for his first movie and weren’t willing to spring for a babysitter for Baby L to make that happen.

So, Baby L made it about ten minutes into the movie before she was over it. She didn’t meltdown, but she did make it known that she would rather be crawling around the nasty theater floor rather than watch a movie. So, the Hubs and Baby L went to the park while Lil C and I finished the movie. Not ideal, but we knew this was a possibility.

Lil C did a fantastic job at the theater. I am not sure which excited him more: the movie or the popcorn. But, nonetheless, he had a great time. 

And, I will say that I absolutely LOVED the movie. I actually want to watch this movie when it comes out on video so that I can watch without toddler interruptions and sob my eyes out in the privacy of my own living room (yes..the “feels” in this movie are extreme). 

I would wholeheartedly recommend this movie to anyone. Just don’t wear non-waterproof mascara to the movie theater. Trust me.