Monthly Archives: February, 2013

Refrigerator Domination

When will I get my teeth, so I can compete with Dad for fridge domination!?! Advertisements

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Cupcakes and Zip Ties: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fat Tuesday and Valentine’s Day all in one week.  Our clinic was one big Pig-fest.  Between Paczki and Donuts (no they aren’t the same) on Tuesday and Cupcakes today (and in full disclosure, there were cupcakes at work yesterday too…and, yes, I may have had a cupcake on Ash Wednesday, whoops), I may need to …

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How do they celebrate the Super Bowl in France?

Last Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday.  I may be stating the obvious, but when I sent a picture of the Hubs and Baby D watching the game to my sister, she said, “I forgot that was today…I’m just reading some poetry, drinking coffee, thinking about a run soon”.  And that is why I love her. …

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