Sugar and spice and everything nice…

Here are four ways Lil L is vastly different than her brother. She is kinda a girly girl (and I kinda like it).

1. The dancing. Lil L absolutely loves to get her groove on. To country music, to nursery rhymes, to commercial jingles, to the Muzak in the elevator… The girl has rhythm!

2. The singing. In that same vein, Lil L absolutely loves music in general and loves to sing. She already has several songs down and she hums the theme song to Paw Patrol almost continuously. (Parenting win, I know)

3. The stuffed animals. She has yet to meet a stuffie she doesn’t cuddle and snuggle with, but she has one stuffed monkey that is her inseparable buddy. He is in our professional family portraits and I recently bought a spare monkey just in case something happened to the first one…because that would be a disaster.

4.  The hair. Oh yes, it is growing. It is not quite to the braids and updo stage, but I can just barely fit her hair into pigtails. It may have been a goat rodeo, but I took pictures for proof:

Oh…and she can out eat her brother any day of the week. That’s my girl 🙂


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