Toddler Yin and yang

Life is all about balance…yin and yang…burpees then peanut butter cups (isn’t that really the point of a burpee?)  

Lately, Lil C has been quite the Threenager. And for those not acquainted to the term (lucky you), it is a three year old going on..I don’t know…15 years old. He is all sass and attitude these days. My loveable little boy is still in there somewhere, but often my little smooch is buried beneath quite the independent little attitude.  Lately, anytime he is asked to do something he doesn’t want to do (eat his meal, pick up his toys, go pee), he literally looks at us and sighs. HE SIGHS! All we are missing here is an eye roll!  

He has also told me, on several occasions, “Well Mom, it is not my problem, it is your problem.” Oh yes buddy, it is most definitely your problem.  And it is going to become an even bigger problem with that attitude.  And then, today, he told the Hubs “Well, Dad, you need to just go to bed” when he was asked to start eating his dinner (for like the fiftieth time). 

And, lest I forget, he has started locking himself in the bathroom when he is asked to do something he really doesn’t want to do (like nap).  That is the true gem.

On the other hand, Lil L (graduated from Baby L) is sliding right into the vacant position of golden child. Sure, she still has her rough days, but at 15 months, she is really coming into her own. She will now follow commands (well, when she wants to) and she is eating and sleeping like a champ.  

Tonight, when it was time for her to go to bed, I asked her to grab her monkey and bear (her bedtime companions) and come over to me. She immediately stopped what she was doing, grabbed the two stuffies and came right over. She gave hugs and kisses to the Hubs and I and went to her crib without as much as a peep. 

Now, she isn’t completely sass-free because that sass is in her bones…but she is maturing into a very teachable toddler. 

Welcome to our yin and yang. 


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