The Dresser Cleanout

Today was a bittersweet day for me.  It was Baby D’s first “dresser clean-out”.  Yes, our Baby D has officially outgrown some of his first clothes and it was time to clean out the dresser to make room for bigger sizes.  He has long outgrown the premie sizes, but I kept them in the dresser because they are so darn cute and tiny.  But, he has also outgrown his NB and some of his 0-3 month sizes.  It is kind of sad, because some of these outfits he has only worn once or twice.  I even found a couple outfits towards the back that he never got to wear!  Luckily, those were some of the “vintage” outfits, so I don’t feel as bad.

Now, I need to go through these clothes and decide which ones I am going to keep (for a potential Baby D 2.0, if male, or for posterity) and which ones I am gong to give away.  I will save that for another day.

The good news is, that means Baby D is growing like a weed!  The hubs and I can really tell because the little porker is getting heavier when we hold him.  He is also eating like a pig, so it only makes sense that he is packing on the pounds.  Although I am glad that he is growing and developing the way he should, part of me is missing that little peanut who first met us.  Luckily we have tons of pictures 🙂

And, on a completely unrelated note, Baby D is looking more and more like a mini-Hubs.  I mean, random strangers at the store are coming over to tell us that Baby D looks just like his dad.  Right now, the only feature that resembles me are his blue eyes…and we aren’t even guaranteed that those will stay with him.  Luckily, the hubs is a good looking guy, which means Baby D is a little stud.  He is turning in to quite the flirt too.  He came to visit me at work one day while the hubs was at an appointment, and he smiled at almost every nurse he met.  What a charmer. That gummy grin is going to take him places.

That’s about it.  Time for dinner. The boys picked up take-out.  A juicy cheeseburger and a chocolate milkshake will really hit the spot.  My healthy diet and exercise routine will start next week…hopefully.


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